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Palapa, T M, Department of Biology, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, State University of Manado (UNIMA), Minahasa, North Sulawesi, 95618, Indonesia (Indonesia)
Peprah, K, University for Development Studies, Faculty of Integrated Development Studies, Wa Campus, Department of Environment and Resource Studies, P. O. Box 520 Wa Upper West Region, Ghana, W/Africa (Ghana)
Phang, J, Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman, Malaysia (Malaysia)
Pramoedyo, H, Brawijaya University Malang (Indonesia)
Pramono, I B, Watershed Management Technology Center, Agency of Forestry Research and Development, Ministry of Forestry (Indonesia)
Prasetya, B, Brawijaya University (Indonesia)
Prasojo, B D, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Brawijaya, Jl. Veteran 1, Malang 65145, Indonesia
Pratiwi, H, Indonesian Legumes and Tuber Crops Research Institute (Indonesia)
Pratiwi, P, Forestry Research and Development Centre, Research, Development, and Innovation Agency, Ministry of Environment and Forestry, Republic of Indonesia, Jalan Gunung Batu no. 5, Bogor 16118, Indonesia (Indonesia)
Prawoto, A A, Puslit Kakao Jember (Indonesia)
Prijono, S, Brawijaya University (Indonesia)
Prijono, S, University Brawijaya (Indonesia)
Priyadarshini, Rossyda, 2) University of Pembangunan Nasional “Veteran” Jawa Timur
Probowati, D S, UNSRI (Indonesia)
Purwanto, B H, Faculty of Agriculture, Gadjah Mada University Jl. Flora, Bulaksumur, Yogyakarta, Indonesia - 55281 (Indonesia)
Purwanto, B H, UGM (Indonesia)
Purwanto, Benito Heru, Agriculture Faculty, Gadjah Mada University (Indonesia)
Purwoko, B S, UNRAM (Indonesia)
Putra, A N, University of Brawijaya (Indonesia)
Putra, D P E, Geological Engineering Department, Gadjah Mada University, Indonesia (Indonesia)
Putra, D F, Brawijaya University (Indonesia)
Putra, M J N F I A, Student of Soil Science Faculty of Agriculture, University of Brawijaya Jl. Veteran Malang 65145, Indonesia (Indonesia)
Puzon, J M, School of Chemisty, University of Melbourne (Australia)

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