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Damaiyanti, D R R, Brawijaya University (Indonesia)
Danoedoro, P, Gadjah Mada University (Indonesia)
Dayang, John Rhey Ymas, Samar State University (Philippines)
Delvian, D, Forestry Study Programme, Faculty of Agriculture, North Sumatera University, Jl. Tridharma Ujung No 1 Kampus USU Medan 20155, Indonesia (Indonesia)
Dhakar, S, Mohan Lal Sukhadia University, Udaipur, Rajasthan INDIA (India)
Dianati, Y N, Brawijaya University Malang (Indonesia)
Djohan, T S (Indonesia)
Doronila, A I, School of Chemistry, University of Melbourne, Victoria 3010, Australia (Australia)

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